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Our Story

Paul Hummel

Owner/Master SCUBA Diver Trainer


Paul took his first breath underwater at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where he fell in love with diving. He worked his ways through the ranks to Divemaster. When he was ready for a change of scenery, he left for the Hawaiian Islands.

While on Maui, Paul became a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor. On the shore of Ka'anapali Beach, he gaines experience and became a specialty instructor.

After four years he and his wife Heather, who is also a Divemaster, moved back to Oklahoma. As soon as they made Weatherford their home, they shortly started H2OK SCUBA. Their dream behind starting this business is to bring the joy to western Oklahoma residents through exposing them to the underwater world that God has made.

Heather Hummel



Heather also started her diving career at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. When she moved to Maui, she had no plans to become a Divemaster, but she enjoyed diving on her days off with Paul in the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Heather was certified as an advanced Open Water Diver while on Maui, and then finished her Rescue and Divemaster in Oklahoma waters.

Although many of her dives are logged from shore diving and boat diving, she still enjoys the fresh water of beautiful Oklahoma. Her favorite part about diving is watching the marine life in their habitat, along with listening to the relaxing sound of the bubbles coming out of her regulator. Heather is excited to work along the side of Paul, and help expose the wonders of the underwater life to residents of our beautiful state Oklahoma.

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